Installation and on-site support service

19 May 2021

In collaboration with the certified installation company Eco Global Homes, we offer an installation and on-site support service to foremen, site managers and operators of non-certified construction companies and developers to provide them with all the support necessary to successfully apply our MK2 construction solution in their projects from the outset.


Eco Global Homes, a construction company specialising in eco-efficient housing with more than 35 years of experience, has a large team of highly qualified professionals who ensure that each project achieves maximum efficiency by applying our MK2 construction system.


This company has developed a permanent monitoring and tutoring system during all the phases of the project in which all the necessary guidelines are set out for correct control to guarantee the implementation of the MK2 construction system, including the manufacturing process of the materials and integration with the rest of the construction systems that make up a project. In addition, from the outset, the company applying the solution is offered the possibility of accessing technical training sessions and training of work teams both at the level of white work (placement and joining of the different parts of the MK2 system) and grey work (micro-concrete spraying phase) that will allow them to easily begin the path to achieving certification as a company installing the MK2 Construction Solution.


Finally, through different control visits to the site, Eco Global Homes will issue the corresponding quality control certificate for the system in all its phases, which guarantees that all the requirements demanded in the project have been met, together with the high quality standards demanded by our structural panels.



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