MK2 Solution applications

Choosing the MK2 Advanced Construction Solution implies providing solutions with a higher quality level in order to achieve surprising projects.

Aplicacion curva paneles MK2

Main uses


The MK2 Advanced Construction Solution enables solutions for the most diverse building shapes and volumes. Curved walls or roofs can be made in which the walls act as inverted beams with a large edge. All kinds of cantilevers can be made and any architectural style can be reproduced without major costs.


Facade construction on a single sheet

Using our panels, facades can be built on a single sheet, with the following features:

  • Facade of a single self-supporting sheet.
  • We have more than doubled the thermal insulation requirements of the CTE – DB – HE Energy Saving.
  • We avoid thermal bridges in slabs and pillars.
  • We comply with the acoustic exterior noise insulation specifications CTE – DB Protection against noise.
  • The system is self-supporting fixed to the building structure, without auxiliary fastening elements.
  • Faster execution speed compared to traditional materials.

Paneles MK2 en fachadas

Exterior finishes

The finish of the panel has the appearance of a plaster that can be troweled, polished or left rough to receive, for example, acrylic mortars, all kinds of paints or fences and pre-frames for carpentry.

Interior finishes

The use of the MK2 Panel allows the use of plaster trims, plasterboard panels, direct or with auxiliary profiles, ceramic tiles, paint suitable for use.

Unique elements

Due to the structural resistance characteristics and its adaptability to the required geometry, special elements can be made, such as cantilevered pergolas and projecting facade cornices.

Paneles MK2 en pilotes

Cladding panels

Pile screens and cavity walls

Formation of cavity walls and treatment of pile screens.

  • Compliance with the CTE, article 4.1.2. of the DB-SE Actions in the building, referring to resistance to vehicle impacts.
  • Self-supporting panel, fixed to the support, without the need for support in floorings and leaving the cavity wall width required by the project.
  • The gutter is clean, without remains of mortar.
  • Vents can be attached.


Paneles Mk2 en viviendas

  • Total design flexibility.
  • Perfect adaptation to projects based on a traditional system.
  • Multiple possibilities for finishes.
  • Simplification of logistics and material handling.
  • Very suitable for making facades with large openings.
  • Energy savings of more than 20 kW-hour / m2-year.

Industrial premises

Paneles MK2 en naves industriales

  • Very low thermal transmittance.
  • They enable an increase in the modulation between abutments.
  • They avoid longitudinal stiffening structures.
  • All kinds of fixings can be made, even for very heavy loads.
  • Dividing walls with fire resistance greater than 240 minutes.
  • Fire barrier walls.
  • Ideal for cold rooms or controlled temperature rooms.
  • High resistance to impacts.


Solución MK2 en rehabilitaciones

The renovation of a building requires the restoration of the bearing capacity of the original structural elements, or providing such elements with a resistant function different from the original, with new and greater stresses (compressions or bending).

The MK2 micro concrete shotcrete, in combination with the use of the cladding panels linked to old load-bearing walls, allows the loading possibilities to be expanded to practically unlimited values.

We have the solutions that meet your needs. The only barrier is your imagination.

What do you want to build?


Toda clase de proyectos

Versatile and

The MK2 Advanced Construction Solution allows the construction of all types of buildings, ensuring extraordinary habitability and energy savings.

Experiencia y capacidad

and capacity

Over 35 years’ experience consolidated in high-level knowledge of the application of this Solution in the Construction Sector.


The MK2 Construction Solution combines design versatility with the highest standards in terms of energy efficiency and sustainable construction.


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