Choosing the MK2 Advanced Construction Solution implies providing solutions with a higher quality level in order to achieve surprising projects.

MK2-ITESSA. Company and values

The MK2 Advanced Construction Solution uses EMMEDUE® technology and is based on the EMMEDUE® Advanced Construction System, a Made in Italy system with more than 35 years of history during which it has obtained significant worldwide recognition.

MK2-ITESSA was the first 100% Spanish company to implement the EMMEDUE® construction system in Spain and currently has two fully functional plants installed in MADRID and SEVILLE, with two production lines and a capacity of 600 metres per day each. More than 1 million houses have been built, with 85 plants around the world.

Its state-of-the-art technology implies SIMPLICITY IN ASSEMBLY and SAVINGS in excavations, foundations, transfer and execution times… and, in short, IN COSTS.


MK2-ITESSA Maximum quality

The company philosophy is to guarantee the highest quality of our product from the panels leaving the factory to the installation, with RIGOROUS QUALITY CONTROLS AND TECHNICAL CONTROL on site.

MK2-ITESSA has a research and development team to ensure that our product in Spain and other countries (CTE, EHE…), in addition to being a constructive solution endorsed by Technical Suitability Document No. 455R / 20 granted by the Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction Sciences, belonging to the CSIC).

Our panels have been exported to different places around the world, such as Portugal, the Netherlands, Germany, the Republic of Guinea, Burkina Faso and the Dominican Republic.


Fewer emissions

With the MK2 Advanced Construction System, the reduction of CO2 emissions during the construction phase of the building, compared to the construction of the same building in traditional work, amounts to 40%, while during use and thanks to the optimal thermal insulation it provides, it can be considered a saving of around 60% (Promotion of European Passive House-Energy Saving Potential).

EPS, the main raw material for the panels, has been classified and certified by several accreditation companies as an absolutely eco-compatible material since it is completely recyclable (all cuts and waste produced in its manufacture can be recovered directly at the plant for recycling) and inert, since it does not release toxic or harmful substances in its production or installation phases.


Ethical code


In MK2 ITESSA our final objective is to simplify the construction process with an efficient and effective solution for the construction sector that allows innovation to be accessible in as many places as possible, in order to offer a modern and decent home to as many people as possible.

With this System, we can build from single-family homes and multi-storey collective buildings to entire neighbourhoods that also include public structures, such as schools and hospitals, promoting development that generates growth both economically and socially.


Lifetime warranty

The quality of the components is endorsed by our Technical Suitability Document No. 455R / 20, so we can ensure that our components are of the highest quality: 15 kg / m3 EPS, premium quality galvanised steel. The micro-concrete that is subsequently applied on site will also have the most demanding quality certificates.

Our Quality Standard is based on the traceability of the product from its manufacture to its commissioning, which must be impeccable.


Pol. Ind. Los Frailes, 36. 28814 Daganzo de Arriba (MADRID) Spain

+ 34 91 878 23


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