Registration of Approved Installers in Spain for our MK2 construction solution is now open

28 September 2023

ITESSA-MK2 has initiated the creation of an Official Register of Approved Installers for the territory of Spain for our MK2 construction solution with the idea of being able to share it with architects and promoters who constantly request it from all the provinces of Spain.
In order to be part of our group of approved installers and ensure a high quality execution for the customers referred to, installers must comply with a series of specific requirements, which include, among others:

  1. To undergo the corresponding training courses offered by our training area and to have signed a contract as an installer.
  2. Thoroughly follow the installation instructions provided in our official documentation, as well as the Technical Suitability Document (DIT).
  3. Maintain constant communication with the ITESSA-MK2 sales and technical team. They must notify any technical incident and carry out the corrective actions recommended by ITESSA-MK2.
  4. Provide graphical documentation as far as possible, such as photographs, to ITESSA-MK2 of each of the projects carried out.
  5. Facilitate access to the work when requested by ITESSA-MK2’s technical staff in order to carry out quality monitoring.

On the other hand, ITESSA-MK2 is committed to naming the construction company in its publications and promotions and to help it to follow all the necessary control and quality processes to guarantee a high quality execution with our system.

If your company is interested in joining the group of Approved Installers of the MK2 construction solution, we invite you to contact us for more information and details.


Pol. Ind. Los Frailes, 36. 28814 Daganzo de Arriba (MADRID) Spain

+ 34 91 878 23


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