Significant Sustainability Advantages of Industrialized Construction

30 June 2024

Industrialized construction has emerged as an innovative and sustainable solution in the building sector. This approach offers significant benefits in terms of sustainability, efficiency, and quality.

Advantages of Industrialized Construction

  • Waste Reduction: Being a controlled and precise process, it minimizes on-site waste.
  • Energy Efficiency: Prefabricated buildings often have better thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Speed of Execution: Factory production and on-site assembly significantly reduce construction times.
  • Lower Environmental Impact: Reduced transportation and waste lead to lower CO₂ emissions.

Advanced MK2 Construction Solution

The Advanced MK2 Construction Solution, developed by ITESSA, represents a significant advancement in industrialized construction. It is based on expanded polystyrene (EPS) structural panels with steel reinforcement, providing several advantages:

  • Superior Thermal and Acoustic Insulation: The EPS core ensures excellent insulation, improving the building’s energy efficiency.
  • Speed and Cost-Efficiency: Prefabrication of panels and rapid on-site installation can reduce construction times by up to 50%, translating to economic savings.
  • Strength and Safety: The combination of EPS and reinforced concrete offers high mechanical capacity and resistance to earthquakes and fire.
  • Versatility and Adaptability: Compatible with various architectural designs and construction types, supporting multiple finishes and coatings.
  • Sustainability: The materials used and the construction process contribute to a smaller environmental footprint, promoting sustainability in the sector.

The integration of these features makes the MK2 Solution an efficient and sustainable option for various types of projects, from residential buildings to industrial facilities.


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