Training for installers: a necessary support

3 July 2020

ITESSA-MK2 considers very necessary that the process of assembly and installation of its construction solution be carried out by companies that really know the system and know how to find solutions to the different situations that can occur in a work carried out with MK2 panels.

Providing the project manager, architect or promoter with the capacity to have a construction team that knows the construction solution has become essential to offer a correct installation with guarantees, something that is obviously demanded by any of our clients.

Having a list of approved installation companies not only ensures the correct implementation of the MK2 construction solution, but also speeds up installation times and, therefore, increases the possibilities of participating in a greater number of projects.

In order to implement what has been mentioned so far, ITESSA-MK2 has developed a plan for the certification / homologation of installers, with the aim of offering the necessary training for the knowledge of the MK2 Building Solution, analyzing during the different training actions the different types of panels, their installation, assembly and structural characteristics. This is done with the aim of working proactively and facilitating the customer’s installation process of the MK2 Building Solution in a clear, simple and efficient way.

We offer our installers all the resources and materials necessary to be able to go deeper into the mechanical characteristics of the panels and to know all the necessary steps for the correct assembly of the structure with all the safety guarantees and complete adaptation to the project.

In addition, ITESSA-MK2 also has an expert team of professionals with all the capacity to offer you from the first moment all the necessary support to successfully develop our solution in your projects. From the initial conception to the start up, our staff will contribute with all their knowledge and experience to guarantee the structural and constructive viability and an efficient control that allows to solve the project with the MK2 solution or its integration with other constructive systems and to achieve in the fastest and most effective way the objectives of the project.

At the same time ITESSA-MK2 can advise and give technical support to obtain the necessary certifications in other countries, helping them, in that case, to obtain all the necessary approvals.

If you wish to know more details about our certifications and homologations, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.




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