Tutorial on the assembly of MK2 panels.

28 August 2021

Assembly of MK2 panels

The basic element of the MK2 construction system is the simple MK2 panel of expanded polystyrene enclosed between two steel meshes linked together by 80 electro-welded connectors per square metre of surface.

The thickness of the expanded polystyrene core can vary from 3 cm to 20 cm, depending on the needs of the architectural project. The minimum density normally used is Class III of 15 Kg/m3 and type F (hardly flammable or self-extinguishing).

The meshes are made of high resistance galvanized steel, with an ultimate tension of 700 MPa and are made of bars of diameter 2.50 mm with an average separation of 7.28 by 6.50 cm in the secondary direction, constituting a basic reinforcement that is completed with longitudinal corrugated bars of diameter 5 mm, in the case of structural panels. The meshes protrude 50 mm on opposite sides, so that when they overlap each other, they ensure continuity by juxtaposition of the reinforcements, without the need for additional joining elements.

For the joints between panels, on the sides where there is no such overlap, continuity is resolved by means of the flat and angular meshes supplied for this purpose, always ensuring the continuity of the reinforcement and the EPS at all joints, satisfying the requirements of the applicable regulations.

If you want to know more about the assembly of MK2 panels, please consult our following video-tutorial:


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