Training and support

Choosing the MK2 Advanced Construction Solution implies providing solutions with a higher quality level in order to achieve surprising projects.

Certifications and accreditations

MK2 accreditation

We provide our clients with advice and technical support to obtain the necessary certifications in the country where their projects are implemented, helping them to obtain all the necessary accreditations.

We transfer the knowledge to our clients and carry out a customised follow-up of the different phases with a clear orientation towards tangible and quantifiable results, without neglecting at any time the reserve and professional confidentiality bases that these matters require.

Support engineering

Our team of professionals offer you all the necessary support to successfully develop our solution in your projects.

From the initial design to commissioning, our staff will contribute all their knowledge and experience in order to guarantee efficient quality control that enables the proper integration of the MK2 solution with other construction systems and achieve the project objectives.

Installation support service

In collaboration with the certified installation company Eco Global Homes, we offer an installation and commissioning support service to foremen, site managers and operators of non-certified construction companies and developers in order to provide them with all the support they need to successfully apply our MK2 construction solution in their projects from the very beginning.

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Technical training

From MK2-ITESSA, we offer our installation companies tailor-made training from the very beginning, in order to provide them with the technical capacity necessary to put the system into operation and obtain the accreditation certificate. Contact us for more information.

Demonstration sessions

We are delighted to show the advantages of our constructive solution through detailed information sessions for any clients or professional groups, both private and public, who request it.

We have the solutions that meet your needs. The only barrier is your imagination.

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Toda clase de proyectos

Versatile and

The MK2 Advanced Construction Solution allows the construction of all types of buildings, ensuring extraordinary habitability and energy savings.

Experiencia y capacidad

and capacity

Over 35 years’ experience consolidated in high-level knowledge of the application of this Solution in the Construction Sector.


The MK2 Construction Solution combines design versatility with the highest standards in terms of energy efficiency and sustainable construction.


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