Use of the MK2 panel for enclosures

21 October 2022

MK2 panels can be used for self-supporting enclosures with a high thermal insulation capacity.

The on-site finishing with structural micro-concrete gives this system all the structural properties of reinforced concrete, while its EPS core of 15 kg/m3 density gives it a great insulating capacity without creating thermal bridges, as no auxiliary structure is required (beams and mullions inherent to other systems).

MK2 is a pre-industrialised system, in which the panels (the EPS core with galvanised steel mesh on both sides) are manufactured and supplied on site for on-site finishing with the application of the micro-concrete through gunning or formwork. The entire manufacturing, supply and installation process is perfectly described and regulated in the DIT nº 455R/20 granted to the system by the Instituto de Ciencias de La Construcción Eduardo Torroja.

This means that the panels that arrive on site, due to their lightness (about 6 kg/m2), allow for very fast execution and are easily handled without the use of heavy machinery or lifting equipment. Unlike prefabricated systems, the versatility of the system in this phase allows any panel to be used at any point of the enclosure, taking advantage of any cut-outs that may arise, which can be used again at any other point of the enclosure until the final application of the micro-concrete.

The weight of the panel, once gunned, is about 170 kg/m2, a value that is still very low for the resulting structural capacity. This quality makes it a very suitable system for the renovation of buildings where the original structure is somewhat compromised.

The thicknesses of EPS in which they are manufactured vary between 4 and 20 cm. The panels are finished on site with an average 3.5 cm thick layer of micro-concrete on both sides, resulting in thermal transmittance values of between 0.810 and 0.180 W/m2*K. These values, combined of course with the other architectural design factors, make it possible to achieve optimum values in the energy rating criteria.

The concrete finish provides a suitable substrate for a multitude of finishes such as cladding, cladding, single-layer and the installation of ventilated facades.

In conclusion, MK2 is a system that allows the execution of enclosures with high load-bearing capacity and thermal insulation, allowing for all types of finishes. All this in very short execution times and avoiding the use of large lifting and installation means, with all that this entails in terms of budget savings.


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